Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Kruid & Druif located?
Kruid & Druif has a physical store at the Frederik Hendriklaan 71, in The Hague.

What does Kruid & Druif offer?
We have more than 50 dishes from South-East Asia which you can cook at home. You get the recipe with a freshbox which includes all (fresh) ingredients that you need for your dish. Every dish is paired with a wine. Beside our dishes & wine you can buy some specifis cookware, giftboxes and giftcards.

What is the price of such a “Fresh Box”?
All fresh boxes have different prices. This varies from € 5,95 to € 16,95. Prices are excluding fish, shrimps or meat, but are available at our shop. We offer one-stop-shopping. The meat comes form free-range butcher "Slagerij 't Oude Ambacht".

Is one dish for one person only?
Dishes vary and serve 2-4 persons.

How did you get all the recipes for all these dishes?
Our recipes come from everywhere: through friends and family, internet and cooking courses. All recipes have been rewritten in Kruid & Druif corporate design. Do you have a stunning dish, please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please check www.kruidendruif/

What's in the fresh boxes?
Every dish has it's own freshbox and clearly written recipe. In a freshbox you will find  all herbs, spices and vegetables that you need for the specific dish. In exactly the right amounts, no waste. Pandanrice, noodles or naan is also included in the freshbox. Free-range meat and sustainable fish/shrimps is excluded in the price, but is available in our shop at a charge. Your dish can be completed by a pairing wine.

How do I cook your rice?
Our dishes go with pandan rice (brand: Dragon). Dragon pandan rice comes from the northeast of Thailand where the soil type and climate guarantee good quality. Pandan rice, also known as jasmine rice, is a long-grain Thai rice. Typical are the shiny, solid grains that have a soft taste after cooking with a natural aroma. The aroma of this rice is pandan : a delicious nutty smell and taste. Sometimes they sell perfumed rice is as pandan rice.
Cooking the rice The ratio of pandan rice and water is 1: 1, 5. Measure the rice in a cup and put 1.5 times cold water in a (sauce)pan. Wash the rice in a sieve until the rinse water remains clear. Bring the rice and water to a boil (do not cover the pan). Turn down the heat to the lowest setting (small pit) as soon as the water boils. Once the water is gone, the rice is almost cooked. Turn off the heat, cover the pan and let the rice steam for at least 10 minutes. Or use a rice cooker, then you are fully equipped and you always have perfect rice.
 Sticky Rice and Fried Rice
Sticky rice and rice for fried rice (basmati or Surinam rice) is cooked in the same way as Pandan rice. The ratio of this kind of rice and water is 1: 2

Do you have vegetarian dishes?
Asian cuisine knows many dishes without meat. At this time we have selected 10 vegetarian dishes. We have great fresh and fried tofu from Choy Kee which can be bought per piece as well. Asian dishes are flexibel: Green Curry & Tofu can be with shrimps or beef and the other way around.

Are the dishes child friendly?
Yes! But not all dishes are child friendly. Dishes can be quite extravagant in taste and spiciness. Most dishes can be adjusted in the desired chili bites. All dishes from Mildly Spicy and Slightly Roasted  (Yellow) and Spicy & Roasted (Orange) are tasty for children. Spicy stands for spices not for chili-bites.

I am missing a few countries from South-Eastern Asia, what is the reason for this?
We're missing a few countries indeed: Taiwan, North Korea, Mongolia, Brunei and East Timor. If you know a nice dish and you have  a good recipe, please, mail it to us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We love to hear it and who knows we can add your recipe to our selection. Please, check www.kruidendruif/

Is Kruid & Druif a cookingstore?
You could say that Kruid & Druif is a kind of Asian cooking/foodstore : it's the new way of foodshopping. But ... we have more! At Kruid & Druif, you find a special selection of wines, going well with all styls of Asian dishes. Kruid & Druif is a combination of a wine-and food store focused on the Asian Home Cooking.

Why does Kruid & Druif sell wine with Asian food?
It is not easy to combine wine with Asian food. We took the challenge. Wine and Asian dishes can be an excellent combination. Wine and Asian food allows for surprises. An evening of Asian dining is more fun with wine!

Asian wines?
We do! For the first wine selection we have focused on the old and relatively new world. We have selected 2 Indian wines from Sula. From October 1: we will offer a wider selection of Asian wines from Thailand, India and Thailand.

How can I buy your products?
You can buy our products:
1. In our store
2. Order Online and pick up in the store
3. Order Online and have it delivered in The Hague
4. Order Online and have it delivered in Netherlands (no fresh products)

What payment methods do you offer?
In the shop you can pay cash or with your bankcard. As per October 1 you pay with creditacard as well. In our webshop you can pay online by iDeal and PayPal (creditacard).

  • iDeal: secure payment via Internet banking via your own bank
  • Paypal: secure payment with your Paypal account and credit card
  • The payment by iDeal and Paypal is delivered via our payment provider Ice-Pay. So we can guarantee a safe and fast payment.

Do you send orders outside of Netherlands?
If you want we can also send an order outside of the Netherlands. Costs are on demand.

Fresh Boxes can also be ordered online?
Fresh boxes can be ordered online but not to be sent by mail. In other words: fresh boxes can be picked up at our store or delivered in the Hague.

What are the opening hours of the shop?

Do you sell gift certificates?
You can buy gift certificates in the shop. The value is flexible and starts from €10,-  to be decided bij yourself. Gift cards are valid for 1 year. If you like to order a giftcard  online, please send us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Who has designed your logo and housestyle?
Our corporate design is designed by Mart Groen. Mart has his own advertising agency Bolster & Pit.
ur website is built by Haai