Explosive potato dish with sweet and spicy flavors.
€ 10,00
Spicy curry with Chinese eggplant and tender beef.
€ 13,50
This chicken curry has a chili bite.
€ 14,50
Spicy chicken curry with some sweetness from the peas.
€ 10,00
Crunchy vegetables and soft tofu in a sweet, tasty curry.
€ 14,50
Crunchy green beans with shrimps in a coconut sauce with a chili bite.
€ 12,50
A spicy curry with Sweet & Sour flavors.
€ 18,00
Spicy shrimps in a spicy tomato sauce.
€ 8,00
Fish from the oven with many spices and a chilibite.
€ 14,50
(Very) spicy soup with shrimps.
€ 10,00