Mild chicken curry with refined cardamom and cinnamon flavors.
€ 12,00
Tender beef stew with mildly spiced flavors.
€ 12,50
Noodle dish with crunchy vegetables and a soft, sweet sauce.
€ 14,50
Tasty soft beans in a coconut curry.
€ 7,50
Mild chicken curry with delicate flavors of spices and nuts.
€ 13,50
Spinach dish with Indian cheese and fresh hints of dairy and the tomatoes.
€ 19,00
Spiced pork & peanut curry with fresh flavors of lime leaf and lemongrass.
€ 12,00
Smaakvolle gele kokoscurry met pompoen en zoete aardappel.
€ 16,50
Smaakvolle, zachte pompoensoep
€ 10,00
Classic, delicious beef stew.
€ 9,50
Coconut soup with chicken and typical Thai flavours of lemon grass and galangal.
€ 10,00
Mild, sweet fishcurry with a slight chili bite.
€ 8,00