Fresh, sweet-sour cucumber dish with a chili bite.
€ 5,50
Surprising dish with stir-fried cucumbers, sesame seeds and a chilibite.
€ 8,50
Delicious fish with fresh herbs and a special sauce.
€ 9,50
Fresh cucumber salad sprinkled with sesame seeds.
€ 6,00
Malse stukjes kip met knapperige paprika, champignons en gemberwortel.
€ 12,00
Crispy springrolls with tasty hoisin-peanut sauce
€ 15,00
Easy to prepare side dish with plum sauce and crunchy cashews.
€ 8,00
Fresh cucumber with yogurt and mint.
€ 5,50
Royale salade met smaakvolle dressing en lichte chilibite.
€ 7,50
Crisp vegetables and shrimps in a tasty wok sauce.
€ 14,00
Shrimps with salty and fresh lime flavours.
€ 10,50
Fish cakes with mild Thai flavours of coriander and lime leaves.
€ 8,50
Easy and tastefull ricedish, salty and nicely spiced.
€ 10,00