Marloes & Erik are the founders of Kruid & Druif-Asian Home Cooking. We love wine & dine and enterpreneurship. All is conbined in our concept. This new way of shopping (all ingredients in the exact amounts for your dish) is perfect for the Asian cuisine as those lists of ingredients are long, it's a real challenge to get all the authentic products from all different shops.

Our passion for the Asian Cuisine, our love for wine and oding our own business is all combined in Kruid & Druif. Introducing our concept in the market is a great challenge. We are looking forward to bring the amazing asian flavours and wine to all people that love good food and wine. Easy, fresh,, inspiration, that's what's about at Kruid & Druif

We like to inspire you for your weekday meals, dinner with friends, a romantic dinner or an unique gift. 

 Foto 2 Marloes  Erik