Kruid & Druif, Asian Home Cooking

Asian dishes- Easy to cook at home- With all ingredients needed- In exactly the right amounts- and with acompanying wines



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At Kruid & Druif you can get all the ingredients for your Asian meal, measured to the exact amounts.Complete your meal with our selection of accomanying wines. You can take your pick from more than 50 dishes from South-East Asia: from Laos tot Cambodja, from Vietnam tot Bhutan. What do you get from us:

-a clearly written recipe (also available in English)
-all (fresh) ingredients needed for your dish
-optional: the pairing wine

You don't have to collect your ingredients along various stores anymore. Because you have everything customized for your dish, you don't have to throw away anything. 

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We would like to inspire you for your daily meal, a diner with friends or family, a romantic diner of a surprising gift. Come and visit us, be welcome, 7 days a week!