We carefully select our wines with the specific dishes in order to create perfect harmony. Our wine selection differs from the traditional categorization.

White wine
Wine can have a cooling effect in your mouth that is created by the chili 's. But a perfectly good white wine can go sour when a dish has sweet flavors form palm sugar and coconut milk. If the white doesn't have body (unoaked) it can taste like water in combination with a spiced dish.

Red wine
Red wine with Asian cuisine? Excellent choice, provided that you take into account tannins that can go well with full, meaty sauces, but turn against themselves when combined with mild flavors. The red wines from our selection are mainly from the new world, because a wine from a sunny area, with lots of fruit and some sweets is often an appropriate response to the large quantities and of spices used in the dishes.

The surprise ... Bubbles!
What works astonishingly well are, to our great surprise, the sparkling wines with the right sweetness measured to the dish. The coolness of serving temperature and the bubbles in your mouth provide a true sensation. Surprise yourself and go for a choice that may not be obvious, but makes for a ... mmm ... ahh ... mmmm.

Alcohol-free wine
For those who do not drink alcohol or don't want to, we have non-alcoholic wines: red, white and, of course, a sparkling wine.

Wine pairings
The five  flavors of the dishes have a color code (green, yellow, orange, red, brown). Our wines are placed in wine cabinets with the same color codes. You can easily find the right wine with your dish with a specific taste. On the recipe you can find our wine advice.

  • Crisp and light aromatic white and rosé wines (green)
  • Aromatic white, full bodied rosé and light fruity red wines (yellow)
  • Wood whites and fruity red wines with soft tannins (orange)
  • Light and medium sweet red and white wines with lower alcohol percentage (red)
  • Full red wines, chewy with high tannines (brown)

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